Manipulators positioned on the fixed part of the press, performing an entry / exit vertical movement from the mold. These robots move according to the three Cartesian axes X, Y and Z. Servo controlled, having one or more rotary heads activated by pneumatic or electric drives.

Robot DMGX1

DMGX series

Dal Maschio 3 cartesian axes manipulators: vertical entry for IML systems, insert loaders and many more. Designed to guarantee structure rigidity and accurate positioning. New handier and more user-friendly keyboard, together with new M8-control to ensure greater performance. Different weight distribution to ensure greater stability and to speed up executions. New design with LED light-signaling devices for robots: manual, automatic, and in alarm.

DMGX series

Dal Maschio 3 cartesian axes manipulators: vertical entry, versatile and fast, for presses of all sizes, equipped with brushless electric motors. Robot operations are set through computer numerical control, and software for programming free or preset sequences. Comes with on-board fuse box and touch-screen operator panel.


Manipulators working alongside the press, usually on the user side, side entry / exit movements. This kinematic solution makes the overall pick & place cycle (performed by this external device) much faster than traditional vertical entry systems. In addition, side entry robots are useful when there is not enough space on top of the press. The main side entry / exit movement from the press, as well as for the external stacking, is performed by servo-controlled axis, while picking movement can be pneumatically or electrically driven.

Speedy SE robot

Speedy SE

Side entry manipulators on the fixed part of the press. This configuration combines the advantage of the overall cycle speed, together with the reduced amount of space necessary alongside the press. Like the other side-entries, the main axis and the external axis (of vertical stacking) are servo driven, while the head (which carries out the extraction of the pieces) is pneumatically driven.

Snap Tank

Side entry manipulators for IML systems. Thanks to their sturdy structure, they guarantee high precision and speed. It is equipped with user-friendly regulator to set both the right depth of the mold and proper working heights with the press. In addition, its symmetrical structure with low center of gravity allows for a smooth exchange between the stacking unit and label loader, making everything easily adaptable to the frequently changing molds.

Snap Tank SX

Side entry manipulators for IML systems. Combining the precision and speed due to the sturdy structure from the SNAP Series, along with the enhanced performance of the M8-control and user-friendly keyboard of the DMGS Series, the SNAP TANK SX is equipped with 9 electric axes to guarantee speed and flexibility in the production change (from flat to truncated-cone-shaped labels).