In 2018, the history of the company has reached another significant milestone: 45 years of manufacturing industrial robots. It all started in 1973 when Franco Dal Maschio undertook this farsighted adventure in automation manufacturing into the injection molding’s world.

  • 1829

    Foundry for agricultural machineries

    Dal Maschio begins his business working in the field of agricultural machinery.

  • 1936

    Vehicles repair workshop

    The company becomes a mechanical workshop for the repair of agricultural and non-agricultural vehicles.

  • 1947

    Machineries production for broomcorn harvesting

    In the first years following WWII, Dal Maschio begins to produce machines for broomcorn harvesting, which were used for the manufacture of brooms for various realities, crafts or not, then present in the territory.

  • 1960

    Production and sale of automation machineries for broomcorn brooms manufacturing

    During the 60s, Dal Maschio in its Mirano (Venice) workshop, was able to offer a wide range of machineries and electromechanics automation solutions for treatment of broomcorn, as well as for automatizing broom final productions. As the manufacture of machineries increases, the company begins to be commissioned by companies from abroad (e.g. from the USA, North Africa, Middle-East and more), thanks to its availability of around thirty types of specialized equipment used for a myriad of different tasks.

  • 1973

    First Italian robot for plastic industry was created

    At the beginning of the 70s, some broom components start to be produced with plastic through injection molding process. The company undertakes a new production process proposing its own automation system. In the 1973 trade fair of the sector, the extractor MDM1 was presented, the first ever in Italy.



    Thanks to the high growth in the use of plastic materials in the following two decades, along with the company’s technological efforts and designers’ skills in its new headquarters based in Salzano (Venice), the company firmly establishes its role in this market. Dal Maschio has been growing steadily ever since.