Dal Maschio

Dal Maschio has been actively working in the industrial automation since 1973.

After 45 years of experience in the sector, the Dal Maschio brand has become synonymous with customized solutions, thanks to its ability execution for technological innovation and high-quality standards.

Company History

It all started in 1973 when Franco Dal Maschio undertook this farsighted adventure in automation manufacturing into the injection molding’s world.

Sales Department

The Sales Department provides a proper pre-after sales service related to any customer queries, a fundamental function to maintain a significant position in this sector on a global level.

International tech support centers

Dal Maschio is part of a vast Italian and foreign commercial network, continuing its historic cooperation with branches, agencies, support services and professionals in the sector.

About Us

Made in Italy: innovation for your business.

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We provide innovative product solutions for the progress. Our professional team works to increase customers productivity.