Turnkey plants

Automation systems realized according to the specific requests of our customers.

Assembly plant for the production of sprays

The customer needed to produce 24 pieces per minute, and we achieved this target by splitting the entire process into two operations. Everything is managed by a centralized control, able to work autonomously as well, adjustable for different production requirements. The system is completed by vision quality checks and final pneumatic seal test. The entire structure is made with stainless steel and each component with food-grade materials.

Caps welding and gaskets insertion system

Caps welding and gaskets insertion for plastic drum lids. A DMG3 robot positioned on top of the press picks and places two lids at a time. The cap is inserted and welded by ultrasound, a process powered by a vibrator (interchangeable according to the type of cap). The lids are positioned where the anthropomorphic robot can place the label in the lid’s cavity, creating the required perimeter seal. The system is completed by a welding and seal quality control station and a cartesian robot for final packing.