During 2018 edition of the triennial Plast exhibition in Milan, our 9 axes robot will be on display: Snap Tank SX.   The peculiarity of this robot is the possibility of customized grippers exchange, being equipped with an automatic drop system; in such a way no human interaction is needed. This situation arises when customers require very frequent changes of molds, for example for plastic bowl lids, when gripper exchange is fundamental during IML cycles. Dal Maschio is also presenting a medium-sized anthropomorphic robot for medium payload, which works together with a vision inspection system for quality check (to verify if the material and the color are homogeneous). The most innovative aspect will be the motion control of anthropomorphic robot, integrated in our standard operator panel. During the exhibition, the first step of the project will be explained, planned to be completed within the year. The realization of this project will allow an easy and reliable integration of the anthropomorphic robot in the future productive cells and lines.